CyanogenMod 11.0 M8 Released

Not to be confused with the device from the makers of humongous tinfoil catamarans, the M8 release of CyanogenMod 11.0 is well under way. Builds began last night, and will continue into today. In lieu of posting a changelog, you can learn more about the majority of changes via our last recap post.

A quick FAQ for those common questions asked:

    1. When was M8 branched?  The M8 code was branched to stable on June 30th and is based on Android 4.4.4.
    2. What is the last ‘safe’ nightly I can upgrade from? The last nightly you can upgrade from without chance of issues is June 29th.
    3. I didn’t see/know there were such considerations as #1 and #2, and now Settings is crashing – what can I do? Clear the data for the Settings app – this can be accessed via the recents menu (long press the Settings multitask item).
    4. Why is #3 happening? By being on a newer nightly than June 30th, your Settings database version is higher than that of the M release – and downgrades of database versions are not allowed in Android.
    5. Where is my device? Currently, the builds have not yet completed, your device may yet still be under way. In the event your device did not get an M8 release, then consider it not deemed ready by your maintainer.
    6. What about [xyz device] that CM doesn’t yet support? Aliens
    7. CM SUCKS AND BROKE ALL THE THINGS! Thank you for your valuable feedback – please direct your bug report to our JIRA instance with a log so we can suck less.
    8. Why did CM abandon [xyz device]? We didn’t. If we discontinued support for a device, we would announce the reasons why. No M8 release for your device does not equate to abandonment – it means we know something is broken, and would rather not subject the masses to that item.

Happy Flashing

The CyanogenMod Team



  • K-Android

    Please add samsung galaxy note 10.1 n8010/n8013 !!!

  • Jman556

    I recently upgraded to M8 and the Google now launcher was default and trebuchet is nowhere to be found

  • Carlos M. Principe

    I love this rom please add mhl support!!!!

  • Carlos M. Principe

    Please mhl support!!!!

  • Davide Griggio

    Ciao ragazzi io ho flashato su s4 gt i 9505 cm11 snapshot m8 e l’unico bug trovato è sulle note vocali di whatsapp!ho provato anche la beta ma sempre lo stesso problema,ricevo forte e chiaro ma invio note robotiche e molto disturbate
    Come potrei risolvere?

  • Mewmew

    Did you check the Launcher menu? it’s there for me (although I prefer the default launcher, personally).

  • Juan Sebastian Camargo Visbal

    Any news to announce soon? M9? Something…

  • Michael Kelly

    I seem to be having an issue. I have always used cyanogenmod without any issues on my Verizon GS3. Recently download CM11 and everything has been great. All of a sudden, a few days in, and my phone is wrecked out of nowhere. Everything is lagging and it is hard to turn the phone on. Facebook and snapchat can not be accessed any longer as well. Lastly, any attempt to reach settings freezes and restarts my phone. How did this just occur out of nowhere? Any ideas? Loved it for the few days it worked.

  • iAndroHackerDK

    is there a way to get Youtube live stream work with Cyanogenmod 11? Youtube just load then stopped playing. i tapped play and it do nothing. Youtube live stream works well on stock rom so please fix CM teams!

  • Sanjay Negi

    is it available for any android device?

  • Konstantin Tatarinov

    Hi. Do someone know when will be available 11S M8 firmware OTA upgrade for Oneplus One?

  • Bugra Agca

    My problem didn’t change after I install m8 snapchat still reboot my phone(galaxy s2 int ) is there any solution for snapchat problem…?

  • Kaoru

    Can’t change the lockscreen wallpaper on my GS3… Too bad, it’s the 1st time I use CM :(

  • ron

    Just a quick question about nightlys.I have installed cm8 stable, sometimes not so stable touch screen issues with flo. Question, do the latest nightlys include cm8 plus any fixes that are found and debugged ? Does that make sense?

  • Ernie Cervantes

    Did you try going into settings>themes…. There is an option there for lockscreen wallpaper. The only thing is for some reason the picture is not centered correctly, so I use xposed lockscreen wallpaper module and it comes out centered. Hope this helps!

  • Ernie Cervantes

    There is a possibility you have corrupted data… After I installed the m8 build, Pandora would not work, each song would skip. I reinstalled m8 but before I did I chose “clean for new rom install” under wipe data/factory reset in recovery. This actually helped and Pandora was working again.

    I’d give this a try and maybe it’ll work.

  • Ernie Cervantes

    Had the issue with Pandora. Might be corrupted data from install. I suggest reinstalling but before you wipe data… Choose “clean for new rom install” in recovery. This seemed to help me.

  • Naoufal El Bantli

    Is this updtae available on the windows installer ?? I mean if use the cyangenmod app and the installer will i a get the M8 update ?

  • Kaoru

    YES !! It worked ! Thank you!

  • Ernie Cervantes

    Did you do it through the cm settings or xposed?

  • Ernie Cervantes

    Try reinstalling CM but choose “clean for new rom install” in recovery. Had an issue with Pandora and this seemed to work. Could be due to corrupted data.

  • Ernie Cervantes

    Finally upgraded to CM11 M8 build d2lte… Love the theme manager!

    If anyone has an issue with a certain app, it could be do to corrupted data between flashes. I did the normal wipe, cache, dalvik… But Pandora would not stream. So I reinstalled but I chose “clean for new rom install” in recovery under wipe data… Then I also did wipe, cache, dalvik after as well. This seemed to fix my problem with Pandora.

    Can’t wait for the next build as well as the “L” build!!!

  • Ernie Cervantes

    You can also download the file itself off CM website and Gapps off XDA and install manually in recovery. Wipe, cache, dalvik but to be safe, I would choose “clean for new rom” before installing.

  • Michael Kelly

    Oddly, after 3 days… It all started working again… Odd

  • iAndroHackerDK

    i did many times but still have SystemUI issues. please fix CM team

  • Vsu Chuchra

    hey can you tell me which which rom is for xperia l … i m new n i cant find anything , nd i cant afford to brick my phone. plzz help me. please give me links to download stuff also. its all a bit confusing as a newbie

  • Kaoru

    CM, and the picture is perfectly centered

  • Kalle Neumann

    Hey CM Dev Team, I love your Work! I own a mako and you really made a lot more out of my mobile!

    But please please please: Improve your communication. Go and find a com-professional and tell people whats going on!!!

    Essentially with respect to versions and update paths. What about Installer Versions? It’s really too hard for me to follow your explanations.

    Keep in mind: People who use the inst vers. are non professionals. Find ways to speak to each type of user (experimentals, nightlys, stables). They’re not the same!

    Again: I’m really grateful for you doing this great job! But for example right now, I’m stranded with a huge battery drain bug and I don’t hear word from you for over 2 weeks… Consider this constructive criticism

  • Joshua Isaac

    I have s4 but I don’t get any lte wen I change the setting for it my data drops out completely I have to run on 3g

  • Jash

    Does anyone else experience issues with the Dialer app? Whenever I want to draw up the numerical tab it either doesn’t show, or shows me my last connection. Am I doing something wrong?

  • Philipp

    best rom and milestone on my galaxy s3 I9300 so far. I also switched to ART. stable and good battery life. thanks a lot guys

  • Marcos

    What the metod to enableinstall screen mirroring on Galaxy s4 I9505?

  • Marcos

    Option Screen Mirroring Galaxy S4.What the method to enableinstall screen mirroring Samsung?

  • Smail OUHENIA

    Cool ! works perfect on my galaxy nexus maguro :-)

  • ciya

    Hi !guys .ask a question . samsung galaxy J (sc-02f ) can use note3 Cm11 thanks

  • Avishay Harpaz

    when will be ota ?!?

  • Hosein

    cm 11 m8 is perfect but not about battery life , drain a lot of battery when phone is idle , please fix it , it’s very important ,
    my device is galaxy s3
    thanks a lot ;)

  • Bronko

    Hi, i had the same problem !
    In the Developer options –> Animator duration scale …don`t set to 0.0!
    My 0.1 fixed this problem :-)

    hope this will helpCM ROCKZ

  • AR

    Here are my problems with M8 (SGS3 (int)).
    - Bluetooth hiccups hard
    - Theme manager does not work at all
    - Fast battery drainage
    - Right touch-screen button sometimes stops working.
    - Camera not reliable with other programs