Cyanogen Platform SDK: The Proof Is In The Pudding

At its core, CyanogenMod is a best in class example of Open Source development. Secure, fast, and full of meaningful choices for users, our goal is to make the world’s best Android OS available to hundreds of millions of users around the world.

Along with the resources of Cyanogen Inc. behind it, we’ve created the Platform SDK. This platform empowers developers to scale the open development of Android through CyanogenMod.


The Cyanogen Platform SDK is about safely giving developers deeper access to Android, while enabling them to create original experiences for users. Whether it’s creating new ways of engaging with existing applications or developing completely new experiences, our goal is to make sure the Cyanogen platform offers meaningful choices to meet the growing needs of a diverse, global smartphone population (6b+ by 2020).

As we approach Hack The Planet, we wanted to share the first apps that are leveraging the Platform SDK to bring more functionality to users daily lives.

Kelvin Sense:
Kelvin Sense is a thermometer that utilizes the implicit temperature dependence of the sensors and other electronic components in existing devices to determine the ambient temperature in a variety of situations. The heat generated by the various sensors, as well as the processor, screen, battery, WiFi, GSM/CDMA, and GPS are combined using a mathematical model of the device whose output accurately measures the temperature of the surroundings.

Sense Ai has generalized this approach in their SDK to provide an array of previously unmeasurable quantities and environmental states.

pasted image 0

With integration into Quick Settings Tiles, it is as easy as a swipe to know more about your personal environment. You can see in the image above that it was much hotter in Palo Alto in general than the building I was in when I captured the screenshot. The enhanced app will be available on the OnePlus One when OS 12.1 rolls out and to other Cyanogen OS devices after that.

Have any questions? Reach out and say hello to the team

Dual SIM Control:
Dual SIM is something that is becoming more and more relevant as new users adopt smartphones around the world. We connected with João, the creator of Dual SIM Control, because we saw that his app has very positive user reviews, even though in many cases it requires root access. We’ve been blown away by the quality and speed of João’s development and are thrilled that his Dual SIM API is the first 3rd party API to be added to the SDK.

He’s combined his new API with the Quick Settings API to give users seamless control over their Dual SIM use.

As Adnan mentioned in his last post, we’re moving to a quarterly release cadence for stable branching, so access to the enhanced Dual SIM app and the API will have to wait a bit longer for Cyanogen OS & CyanogenMod (non-nightly) devices.

If you don’t know what Tasker is, it’s an advanced application that allows users to automate actions based on different triggers. We’re working with the creator, Pent, to implement an extension using the Platform SDK which you can look for soon.

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This is just the beginning. The Community and Cyanogen are working to provide more tooling, experiences and access to continue making the Android platform more open and provide choice to users around the world.

Tune-in to Twitch this Sunday at 3pm PDT to see what 400 of the brightest college hackers around the world create with the Cyanogen Platform SDK.

  • T9anef


  • Corbin Davenport

    Definitely some neat stuff, I’ve always wondered why stock Android never had quick settings toggles that apps could create. Maybe Google will end up borrowing this just like they did with customizable quick toggles 😛

  • Andy “CrossGate” Yan

    Cool stuff, but I’m still not into it when it’s in the running apps list without me even enabling anything related to it.

    Seeing this article reminds me of something: is there a way to add and display a list of *major* feature updates/additions since the old revision after one flashes a new one over the old? CM is slow to add user-reachable features as of now, but anything that notifies us of a new one is welcome (like this blog post).

    Also, one last big complaint: no Expanded Desktop in power menu since January?! Please, even GravityBox LP had it integrated smoothly long ago!

  • Alan Espinosa

    Will there be a stable way to get cyanogenmod on the Galaxy s5?

  • Jonas

    I have been running the CM12.1 nightlies for my T-Mobile S5 for a month or so now and it has been more stable for me than Samsung’s Touchwiz skinned ROM

  • Mayuresh

    Slightly disappointed that Kelvin Sense is not (yet) available for cm-12.1-nightly

  • jwworker201

    Me too. CM runs sightly smoother than Touchwiz. But in comparison with Touchwiz, my device gets extremely hot when I run Cyanogenmod. But when this Problem is fixed, CM is the perfect ROM for the S5 if you not plan to use Fingerprint or pulse. 😉

  • Dt Bell

    Very good, Thank You, Your interest in improving the OS, I’d like it dumbed down tho. the learning curve to utilize whats available can be TLDR.

  • Ryan C.

    All good stuff

  • Jonas

    My S5 was running hot on Touchwiz and I haven’t had it run hot on me at all with CM

  • iakoboss7

    fix RIL in LG Optimus G ( E975 )

  • Alan Espinosa

    What is the best way to install CM on the Galaxy s5. I’ve seen the Instructions on the wiki cm website but I worry that it might brick my device, any suggestions?

  • Jonas

    Depends on the model. The Sprint and AT&T versions have a locked bootloader and you can’t install a custom recovery. I followed all of the directions and did my research before even touching anything on my phone. Because I had done all of my research before hand it went smoothly. The XDA developers website is a great resource. Google and YouTube everything.

  • Hbg99

    You say you make “meaningful choices for users”, so, why did you do these awful folders in CM 12.1, while the basic ones were perfect for everybody ?!

  • Mayuresh

    Umm, instead of generally saying terrible – have you considered saying what about them is bad? And perhaps you should be asking where is the best place to be providing feedback?

    Also, there are other launchers that you should be able to get the kind of folders you like?

    Please take this as a constructive feedback and not argument for the sake of it.

  • Hbg99

    For sure, I can say what I don’t like about these folders : 😉
    1. I personnaly preferred the circle icon as the rouded square one ; I found it more designed and modern. It was way more original.
    2. When you enter in a folder everything disappears behind it.
    3. Finally, you cannot be as fast as before with these folders cuz of the animations and mostly cuz the icons are not centered with where you clicked the folder.

    But I don’t to use another launcher because everything else is perfect with trebuchet ! I especially like the option to choose the number of lines and columns which I couldn’t find anywhere else.

  • Mayuresh

    Now that’s more like it :-) now please copy-paste these over to cm forums under your device. And there – your complaint is out there. Along with for-counter arguments that should follow. You have my vote, BTW.

    It’s very hard to ignore a good argument especially if you are a community oriented product. Which is what brought us to CM 😉

    Good luck!

  • perfectlyreasonabletoo

    “Meaningful choices”, like not being able to disable or uninstall stock apps that even Google allows you to.


    When are we gonna have a ROM for a HTC M9 please help me get rid of sense.

  • Ben Jordan

    We’ll push an update to the Play Store this week that adds support for nightlies. I’ll post here when it happens.

  • Mayuresh

    Cheers for that!

  • Squid

    Damn Cyanogen deleted my comment. It perfectly polite and respectful, it just didn’t sing their praise.

  • login

    Mmm so Cyanogen OS 12.1 will be released at the end of this month..right?

  • i9

    Awesome work.

  • Cédian Oosting

    Kirt please unblock me on Twitter I’m sorry for the oxygen is better. Actually I don’t even like oxygenOS. I’ve flashed CM on my Oneplus One. My Twitter name is @cedianoost

  • Caleb Lee

    Will the Sprint M7 ever receive 12.1?

    It’s still updating with 12.0 nightlies 😕

  • ChrisH

    Nova Launcher, Apex Launcher and many others provide way more customizability. Lines and columns have been a part of those for years.

  • Ben Jordan

    Still testing a few cases for the nightlies…

  • Mayuresh

    Appreciate your keeping me posted :)

  • Sylvesterovich

    CM is the best Android AOSP that was ever built and developed.

    Kudos for them really!

  • POY

    IS this the place to ask? NO!

  • Max

    The stock apps from CM needs to be more finished like HTC or Samsung apps and also needs a video player and more features to dialer and SMS app. It feels incomplete. If these problems are fixed then users won’t have to install calendar, google messaging, play music or other stuff beacuse the CM apps will be better !!!

  • bartisgod

    Cyanogenmod does have their own versions of some apps, like Contacts/People, but most of the apps on CM are just stock AOSP ones that Cyanogenmod, apart from compatibility, hasn’t done much work on. More than half of those ceased development when Google made their own version (Browser -> Chrome, Calendar -> Google Calendar, Dialer -> Hangouts, etc). Of course those are going to be ugly and outdated.

    The beauty of Cyanogenmod is its open source and completely free as in freedom. If you want the HTC or Samsung apps, or just a skin that makes the AOSP default apps look and feel like them without having the privacy invasion that usually comes with proprietary apps, chances are you can find it on the XDA forums. You might have to flash a zip (like the gapps zip), even if its only a skin and not a completely new set of apps, but it can be done. Like most Linux distros, Cyanogenmod isn’t as beautiful or full featured as many of us would like from a fresh install. The reason you go open source in the first place is so you can do whatever you want to it, isn’t it?

  • Ben Jordan
  • Mayuresh

    You got it. Thanks!

  • Desi Clarke

    Hi, CM. I’m looking for a product that allows me to access and route LTE Internet to Wi-Fi, BT or USB interfaces on IPv4 + IPv6 directly in my car so that the children can use Internet on their phones, Nintendo DS, etc. while driving and so that I can access my DR650GW-2CH remotely or receive alerts when events are detected (hit + run, motion, etc.). I’m having difficulties finding any devices that actually meet my needs and was wondering if CM has considering building a ROM that allows any Android to function purely as an IPv4 + IPv6 Modem and Router. All of the necessary hardware is already built into the phone. I imagine this would require gutting Android’s UI. All of the devices that I’m seeing on the market cost $200.00 to $400.00, they are limited to IPv4 and power-inefficient. I’m already doing something similar to this, but my system only works when my personal phone is connected to the car’s power and BT; I’m using Tasker to automatically enable Wi-Fi Tethering when my Android is powered and connected to BT (as double affirmation that the phone is in the car and powered so that GPS, BT and Wi-Fi don’t drain the battery). Is this something CM has considered and if so, when can we expect the CM Slim OS to become available?

  • PS PS

    Hi Desi,

    The project you described is extremely similar to one I implemented 5 months ago.

    Before I go into detail on mine, have you found a solution to your situation?