Call for response: Dialer Instant Contact Card

We were incredibly pleased with the feedback on the Messaging app redesign – your feedback there is already being incorporated into updated designs and ideas around the app. Today, we’re here going to discuss a relatively smaller change to the Dialer/Contacts card.

In a change from last week, and to more actively centralize this and future feedback, we’ve spun up a mailing list on Google Groups. The list is invite only for spam protection purposes, but is open for all to request access and join. Please provide the requested response when applying to the group. This group will be used for technical and design discussions surrounding CyanogenMod and should not be used as a forum/user-help/device request area – such posts will be deleted and the user removed without further warning. To join the group, apply here.

We’re looking to introduce a new quick contact card to the CyanogenMod Project. The quick contact card is accessible throughout many apps, including email, dialer, and messaging, by tapping the avatar in the associated list views. For example, tapping the avatar in the recent call list view will bring up the contact card for that contact.

Below is a proposal on which we would like to elaborate on and have a healthy discussion prior to committing to a direction.

The two primary reasons for changing the quick contact card are 1) To construct a quick contact card that is beautiful and functional when images are low resolution, and 2) To allow for more than three operations to be displayed to the user without pressing the overflow menu.

In order to solve the first item, we decided to blur the contacts image behind a smaller avatar portrait. This provides visual interest that will be discovered overtime by our users and works for 100% of the photos associated with a user’s contacts (Some History: Gmail predominantly syncs low resolution images and downgrades images taken on the device when they are synced to the server). This design is biased towards low resolution images, but we felt this was necessary given the constraints imposed by contact services, such as Google, Yahoo, and others.

To solve for the number of permitted operations in the AOSP design, we relocated contact actions below the avatars picture. This allows for 4 actions per contact to be shown to the user at one time. We intentionally located the least used action (block) as the leftmost option to avoid miss taps. Our goal here is to move as much of the actions out of overflow menus as we believe that features are more discoverable when the entry point to the feature is given screen real estate creating a discovery mechanism for the feature. Another advantage of this design is that the actions are closer to the user’s finger versus the AOSP design. Below is an example of the AOSP quick contact screen versus the CyanogenMod design.

We recognize that there will be a lot of concern as we redesign any screen and move things around. Our goal in sharing this today is to solicit feedback from the community as we move things around. Our hope is to do this early and often as we move forward together and shape the device that we all want to use. In no way are our plans set in stone and the team is always making changes to create the best experience possible.

Our plan is to launch this design as part of the nightlies once we refine it based on your feedback. We will continue to refine the design after launch as noted above.

Please feel free to join the above mentioned mailing list to provide your feedback, or leave a comment below.

  • Brendan Owens

    Gorgeously implemented features

  • josealvarezn

    Really nice solution!

  • Gary Greenberg

    Fantastic! Works well.

  • Jonty

    That actually looks good compared to AOSP. Totally want to see this in CyanogenMod

  • wittyakash

    Please add good clipboard options to copy/paste numbers directly from dialer and contact cards.

  • Portzblitz

    Sounds good. Let’s do this ish.

  • Alex Ivantsov

    I can’t wait for the future of android to get here. Android M, with the new Cyan redesigns, on a OnePlus 2… 😀 😀

  • loboywright

    Looks great! Make it happen.

  • thecoolkid

    Not onboard with this… All my contacts have high quality pictures associated with them and I use that card to view them. Also all of modern services syncs pictures in hq including gmail and Google contacts. Please keep it the way it is.

    I like the icons though :)

  • Jonathan Yeboah

    This feature is gonna be baked into nightlies orrrrrr is it something for the next big release?

  • Satyajit Tambe

    Beautiful implementation!

  • AbhieSpeaks

    Seamless. Would work really well,

  • Leigh

    Good feedback, thanks!

  • Isaac Mercer

    We should have something like this accessible from the emergency dailer, to allow the ICE contacts to be called.

  • gamebusterz

    The AOSP design looks better.

  • GermanKiwi

    I prefer the AOSP version. My contact pics are all high res and I really love the fact that I can see nice, big versions of them – it makes it so much easier to see at a quick glance who the contact belongs to. I’m pretty sure that modern email systems like Gmail also support high res pics now too. To me it seems a step backwards to revert from larger high-res pics to smaller ones.

    At the very least, please give us an option so that we can decide for ourselves which layout to use.

  • MarioFan295

    Yes! It would work well!

  • Tomasz Gregorczyk

    You rulezz guys :)


    Also add delete button

  • Bill Lee

    The contact card looks way better the stock. Keep up the good work.

  • Vineeth Nair

    nicely implemented features ..

    1.instead of blocking contacts change that option to edit contacts which is much more used.

    2. Add good clipboard options to copy/paste numbers directly from dialer and contact cards.

  • Lisa

    Many devices with the latest CM 11 ‘Stable’ Snapshot got a lot of bugs. But there are still, after 5-6 months, no stable updates so people have to switch to the nightly unstable releases.
    But this cannot be a solution, why are there stable snapshots if they are not stable and people have to use the nightlies anyway? Could somebody explain me this? And why is redisign more important than releasing stable versions?

  • Igor S

    I think, that these lazy people from Cyanogenmod stop developing stable builds. And they’re not able to develop stable version of CM12. Despite all their false promises. I will use stock rom in the future smartphones. And will not migrate to CM again…

  • Rich Jones

    I like the concept, perhaps the card could choose to utilise a higher res image if available rather than reducing the quality?

  • Kevin

    Visually: Keep photos as high res and large as possible and scale as necessary.

    Functionality: Delete, Favourite, Edit and Bell(?) icons in that order [bottom], plus the overflow button [top right].

  • mark

    This mock-up shows the icons for an unknown user, with add to contacts instead of edit. Of course, such an unknocn user would not have a name and photo, but then this is just a mock-up.

  • mark

    I disagree about putting infrequently used things on the sides so you are less likely to press them by mistake. I think rather that frequently used things – edit, here, is surely the most frequently used – need to be on the sides – anything in the middle is harder to find and harder to hit accurately

  • Daniele Mazzalupi

    No blocking option would be better!

  • Artagen

    Instead of having the “star” to favorite a contact on the main row of “quick action” icons, I think it would make more sense to keep it next to the overflow menu like the AOSP version. You’re not going to be toggling it often and it would allow you to limit the number of icons for “quick actions” to be able to space them out more or to add others in there. Also, I’ve had clarity issues with the edit/add contact action icon. It would be better to only utilize the edit icon for clarity’s sake.

  • Phil

    There does not appear to be any mechanism for requesting subscription to the referenced mailing list on that list’s home page.

  • Sreeram Ck

    Nice work guys. Way to chuck viewing the low resolution images. The more handy icons makes work easier. Try to add once more icon next to the bell, for share this contact. It will be more helpful.

  • Sreeram Ck

    I guess long press on the number gives you a pop to copy the num to clipboard.

  • VVG

    It really seems that for developers it`s not important anymore if we have stable builds of cm12.

  • Leandro Fuentes

    Good! Go ahead!!!

  • Diego S.


  • marcio jose oliveira

    lg 4x hd p880 nao inicia conectado ao computador

  • disqus_I7XvbMPBKi

    Love that design! My only concern would be about the selection of the quick-action icons. I hardly ever block anyone, and I certainly don’t change their ringtone very often (stop-sign and bell icons). But I edit them rather often, or share a number with someone else.

  • Joseph Buchta

    I am the Product Manager for the Dialer project. Thank you all for your feedback. Its very much appreciated. Below are some answers to the common feedback. Sorry if I missed anyone.

    1. Hi Res Images: We are working to develop two layouts for different size images. Design work is already underway. Any takers on implementation if we supply the redlines?
    2. No edit: Many of you commented on no edit. The images above are for contacts not in your contact database and therefore the second from the left icon shows Add Contact. If the contact were already in your contact database then that icon would be an Edit Contact button. Edit is obviously a common feature and we would not remove it.
    3. Clipboard options: We will take a look at the clipboard options. Long press should bring these up. If not, I will file a bug.
    4. Button ordering: Will test the current order and continue to work on optimizing the layout. Every use is different and one of our design goals is to make functionality more obvious to most users. Overflows are fine but its makes features invisiable to those new to Cyanogen devices.

  • Twipeep

    Or better, try to detect if it’s a low or high resolution !

  • Igor Pavlichenko

    1.) Explain me how can designers (frontend guys) help at fixing bugs, most of which are so deep in the code that requires hardcore review by backend coders to understand what’s wrong.
    2.) Did you pay for that unstable snapshot? No. So CyanogenMod doesn’t owe you anything, right? If you don’t like it – just go back to your carriers 4.2 jb.

  • Fabio

    What about option 3 with a blur like option 1. Would be perfect if you’d ask me. If I’d have to choose between these I’d say option 3.

  • Tomasz Gregorczyk

    Don’t need to guest :)
    We all know that long press doing this.

  • Hozan Kader

    Dos the Root Booster app fix the google chrome problem

  • galeos

    Worst part about AOSP is that it collapses multiple phone numbers and only shows one, requiring that the user press “show all”. Please either disable this collapsing, or have the contact card remember whether or not you want to see all phone numbers.

  • Ksawery

    Please, you give CyanogenMod 11 on Samsung Galaxy Young 2 sm-g130hn

    Because I can not find it. Very you please do rom for this phone. ???????

  • Javier Rivera

    I was using the contact photo to store presentation cards from people but now these photos are useless as I cannot zoom in and actually read the data in them. after the latest cyanogenmod update. ¿Could we have a zoom in feature for the contact photo please? :)

  • Syed Hasham

    I just installed cm12.1 on lg g2 d800 i just love it but two parts i just hate it in cm12.1 or cm 13 because camera quality is really poor in every mode in zoom its doesn’t work well and second part is just i missed tv remote controll i f CM team fix this issue it will be perfect.thanx