CM Thread Throwdown Announcement

Many of you are likely familiar with the “I void warranties” shirt from 2014 – a popular item featuring hometown hero Cid that many proudly sport. Now we’re ready to come up with a fresh new design for 2015, and we want to see what crazy fun ideas the community has up their sleeves!

Introducing the CM Thread Throwdown!

The Thread Throwdown is simple – submit a design and if your design is voted tops by the community, your design will become the next CM community t-shirt! We will be printing up shirts and doing a free giveaway after the Thread Throwdown finishes and the top design is picked. The shirt will also be submitted to Teespring so that any one interested in purchasing one may do so as well. No profits will be made off of the shirts or designs. Please be aware that by entering the contest you agree to license your design under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International license (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0).


  1. Download the Template here and read the included Design Guidelines. Review these documents in full for submission details.

  2. Submit your design using the entry form here by Sunday, May 31, 2015, at 11:59 pm PST.

  3. Designs will be selected by a public community vote starting Wednesday, June 3, 2015.

  4. Voting closes on Wednesday, June 10, 2015, at 5:00 pm PST and the design that garners the most votes wins.

  5. See the Terms and Conditions. Please see notes about age participation restrictions.

The winner will receive a prize pack that includes their own Thread Throwdown shirt with their winning design, and swag bag.

Below are the Design Guidelines which are also included in the template (linked above in Step 1) required to be qualified.


Thanks for joining in on the fun! We’re excited to see what you create and share with the CyanogenMod community. Please keep these rules in mind as you work:

  • Keep your art in the 12x12in printable area

  • Stick to 1 or 2 colors in your design

  • Use one of the the three provided shirt colors as the background for your art

  • Use the PANTONE+ Uncoated color book for color choices. If they are not, they will be converted which could result in color shifting

  • Cid, the “CyanogenMod” name, or a combination of the two must be represented in some way. Stock art is provided for inspiration.

  • Fonts must be outlined

When you’re ready to submit, send us this file. If you build your work elsewhere, please use the following formats:




  • Nathan Lowe

    My somewhat sarcastic attempt

  • Fatt Hardy

    You mean OHHH SNAP-SHOT

  • Fatt Hardy

    The open source ROM that never gets so much of even a mention of a milestone release ever since the idiots at the head of the ROM abandoned it in favor of what is basically Microsoft Android

  • Blackangel3942

    CyanogenMod has not been abandoned it is still the same as it was before, at least to me, but now there is a second group of developers for the Cyanogen OS Rom.

  • Fatt Hardy

    Then why is CM12/12.1 taking so god damn long? CM were never this slow.

    And don’t give me that “use the nightlies” fanboy copout

  • Blackangel3942

    CyanogenMod has always encountered a lot of bugs when they are building their roms, but Android Lollipop already some major bugs in the first place and they are trying to iron those out as well, and like a lot of things in life when you get rid of one problem a new one shows up to take its place.

  • Jonatas Esteves

    Hammerhead is perfectly stable right now. Just update from the cm12.1 nightly every Friday (before the automatic imports hit the repository). Writing or not a M on the archive’s name won’t make it any more (nor less) stable.

  • Matthan Evans

    Soooooo who won? It said victor would be revealed yesterday.

  • Charan

    Hello Sam,

    Please let me know the steps to resolve this Issue… I am also facing the same issue.

  • itscomplicated

    it was just a rumor… i guess 😉