CM Dev Summit

Cyanogen Inc is hosting the 2nd annual CyanogenMod Developer Summit on October 23 2016.

Hosted in Hurst Texas this year, following the largely popular Big Android BBQ, the 2016 CM Dev Summit will build on the success of last year’s inaugural summit. This year, we’re excited to open the event up to the larger CM community, offering up an opportunity for anyone with an interest to participate. Whether you’re a user or a contributor to CyanogenMod, the project relies on our community to bring this event to life.

Come learn, discuss, and share your thoughts on CM and where it goes next. A number of CM contributors will be on hand. We look forward to meeting you.

Register (limited availability due to venue capacity) for the event here.

  • Hel Thanatos

    I don’t think that’s what he means…

  • avrodeep

    please support the Xperia m4 Aqua with a cm14 release

  • Aashish bhatia

    This is awesome! I see people commenting about CM14 when when when ? What’s wrong with you guys? Don’t spam. It will come when they think it is stable enough for use. It’s in Alpha stage(kinda) so just freaking wait!

  • Gohu CilvA

    Hi everybody, i’ve surch but don’t find a CM version for my Asus Zenpad 10 (PO23, Z300C), but a version exists for Asus Zenpad 8 (PO24). Is it avalaible for my device? Or can I suggest a dev session for this device? Where? Thanks…

  • Sniper spy

    any solution for switch bug from 2G to 3G … CM 13 infinix X551 pro ….

  • Johnny Hughes

    It is a community driven. If there is no maintainer, then someone needs to step up. Of course the company doesn’t care.. They are not maintaining those RPMs. If you want to keep a device going, then volunteer to maintain it.

    That’s how community projects work.