CM 13.0 Release 1

We left the M release builds in the oven longer than we thought, but nothing a little graham cracker and chocolate can’t make that much better. CM13.0 brings Android 6.0.1 (r17) goodies such as the battery saving ‘doze’ functionality and new permissions model, alongside the CM features you’d expect.

This is the first non-nightly release for CM13, which means this will the first step many of you take into the world of Marshmallow. M brings along a handful of items that will pose issues if you are caught unaware, so in the interest of saving you some potential heartburn, we’re going to highlight that there are a couple of different update scenarios applicable.

Update scenario 1: CM 12.1 release or nightly user + Googley bits

Update steps: Update to the latest TWRP image available for your device. Download CM13.0 (if available for your device) and your Googley bits of choice for M. Reboot to recovery, and flash CM13.0 and the Googley bits one after another. If you reboot in between CM and the extra package, you will have a bad time due to how the permissions model works in M. Reboot out of recovery only after you have flashed both packages.

If you trigger an assert violation (radio, bootloader, etc), fulfill the requirement it complains about. These asserts are in place to make sure your firmware matches what CM13/Android 6.0.1 needs and you can actually use your device/phone as a device/phone.

Update scenario 2: CM 12.1 release or nightly user + No Google apps

Update steps: Update to the latest recovery available for your device (CM recovery or TWRP). Download CM13.0. Reboot to recovery and flash CM13.0. Done, easy as that.

If you trigger an assert violation (radio, bootloader, etc), fulfill the requirement it complains about. These asserts are in place to make sure your firmware matches what CM13/Android 6.0.1 needs and you can actually use your device/phone as a device/phone.

Update scenario 3: CM 13.0 nightly user

Update steps: Stop. Step away from the phone. Do not flash these builds, you are already on a newer codebase (Android 6.0.1_r22). Attempting to flash these release builds will result in crashes due to attempted database downgrades. Don’t do it.

If you want to swap off nightlies and stick to our release channel, you will have to wipe to take these builds.

Update scenario 4: Nexus 6P (angler), Nexus 5X (bullhead), Nexus 9 (flounder) users

Update steps: Pick scenarios 1 or 2 (based on your usage) but with one added (and very important extra step). Nexus devices now ship with a large portion of their proprietary code in a vendor partition on the device itself. This is not something CM’s installation will update for you. If your vendor partition doesn’t match with the CM build, you will be met with an error on boot up that the system is potentially corrupted. To prevent this message (and ensure things like camera function), you should make sure you are on the latest available vendor image for your device. Vendor images can be found in the stock Nexus factory images provided by Google here. Extract the latest available zip and flash the vendor image through your bootloader with ‘fastboot flash vendor vendor.img’.

CM13 Changelog (the big stuff):

A delta between 12.1 and 13.0 will show thousands of changes (Google’s, Qualcomms’s, Linux Foundation, CM Community’s, etc), but let’s take a look at the ones that you are likely to notice:

  • Whisperpush capability (encrypted SMS) – removed
    • Removed from CM software globally, no replacement
  • Settings > About phone > Advanced mode – removed.
    • New behavior is to show all settings at all times.
  • Settings > Notification Drawer > Quick Settings – removed
    • New behavior is to control layout and options directly via QS panel via ‘edit’ tile or long-press of settings gear in the pull down area
    • QS panel configuration items such as ‘enlarge first row’ and ‘show weather’ now present on leftmost QS pane while in edit mode.
    • ‘Advanced location settings’ renamed to ‘Tri-state location’
  • Settings > Status bar
    • New controls for ‘Status bar icons’ (repurposing of SystemUI tuner from AOSP)
  • Settings > Lockscreen > Quick unlock – removed
    • No replacement; security constraint due to Android Gatekeeper
  • Settings > Sim Cards > manual provisioning switch (Multisim) – removed
    • Reliant on Qualcomm extphone. Currently no replacement.
  • Settings > About phone > Build date
    • Triple tap to access demo mode (developer/marketing feature to standardize renders).
  • Settings > Lock screen > Owner info – replaced
    • Replaced with ‘Lock screen message’ (AOSP change)
  • Settings > Memory
    • New screen (AOSP) to show memory usage over a selected period of time
  • Device specific implementations of double-tap-to-wake replaced by AOSP implementation
    • No major user impact
  • CM implementation of silent mode replaced by AOSP implementation
  • CM Protected apps
    • New folder UX for viewing protected content
    • Fingerprint support for accessing protected content
    • Enhanced ability to prevent access while retaining usability
      • A protected app can no longer be launched via Play Store
      • App notifications and services are not hampered by protection status
  • Power menu ability to swap System Profiles – removed
    • Engineering constraint – QS panel tile for System Profiles as functional replacement
  • New SMS/MMS Application
    • We have switched off of the Qualcomm based messaging application (Mms-caf) to the AOSP one (Messaging). Notable features such as ‘Quick reply’ are available, but there may be slight variations in UI/UX.
  • Permissions
    • Due to new permission model API in M, Privacy guard has been re-engineered to be compliant with this new environment. Primary permission request for ‘Normal’ security level permissions will be handled by our package manager for non Google users, or Google’s manager for those that opt for Googley bits.
      • Users retain ability to control fine-grained permissions via Settings > Privacy > Privacy Guard
  • Snap Camera
    • Some devices now ship with an enhanced camera app based on Qualcomm’s Snapdragon camera. For devices that do not support the Snap app, you will retain the Camera2 app as in 12.1. 
  • Cyanogen Apps pack
    • A CM13.0 compliant C-Apps is not yet available, but should be coming in a week or so. Keep your eyes out if this is something you rely on.

Finally, this is the build roster for this evening:


Builds are queued up on the Jenkins instance and will pop out as they complete.

Happy Flashing!

– The CyanogenMod Team

  • devisnav

    hey hello I’m gt-s7560m Canadian telus mobility running on cm-11-20141114-UNOFFICIAL-kylessopen (240 DPI) does my device support the CM13?????

  • kendall green

    What version of SuperSU works with ZNH0EAS2JK-bacon-signed zip? I get a boot loop when I tried to flash BETA 2.71 or UPDATE 2.46.

  • veer

    Hello, i have yuphoria 5010 mobile, can i install Cyanogen OS 13.0 in android 5???.and yes , so how,, please tell me thank YU

  • Shishir Kumar

    Hello. I have got 13.0-ZNH0EAS2JK on My OnePlus One, which i got OTA some 15 days ago. The list of problems I am facing is as below:

    1. Unable to Add incoming caller in already going on phone call. I get 2 options while I am in a call with someone and a third person calls me at the same time: No matter which option I select, my phone restarts immediately. This is a big blunder.

    2. SEARCH OR FIND in SMS – NO OPTION to do so. Earlier there was.

    3. Call History Search – No Option. Earlier there was.

  • Ben Lönnqvist

    there is no official build yet.

  • Ben Lönnqvist

    why not use the built in superuser?

  • Ben Lönnqvist

    nope, not yet at least, might never be officially supported

  • Ben Lönnqvist

    lol that’s nothing compared to that the dual sim (klteduos) and Chinese (kltechn) versions of the s5 have a snapshot but the standard international (klte) doesn’t

  • Ben Lönnqvist

    what did you have installed before cm13? and did you wipe anything?

  • Ben Lönnqvist

    there was a similar problem in the snapshots for klte, report it as a bug

  • Ben Lönnqvist

    do you have gapps?

  • Ben Lönnqvist

    have you tried a clean install? (wipe before flash)

  • Dan

    Thanks, hope next stable release will fix it.

  • kendall green

    cyanogen os doesn’t have a built in supersu, cyanogenmod 13 does

  • sok sokunthearith

    please make rom for

    SHV-E250S Note 2


  • Oleg Krivobok

    Make a full wipe before install

  • devisnav

    ok anyways cm11 is just wesome job thanks for!

  • Nhật Nguyễn

    Today update CM13 I got boot loop on Asus Zenfone Laser 2 Z00L. I have reported a lot about the error when using Greenify, it forced close the Setting app.

  • Kiera Yaniga

    Still waiting for ota for oneplus one. Husband got it almost a month ago. When should all phones have received it?

  • Jyoti Prakash

    the option for preventing accidental wake up of screen using double tap is not working, please fix

  • Shreyas Ingawale

    Please update cyanogenmod 13.0 because there is no option for copying and moving files and folders from one folder to another. Please take a look on this on a serious note.

  • DELAUNE Julien

    is there a chance to see a CM 13 snapshot release for mondrianwifi any time soon? there are still nightly releases, so why not a snapshot?

  • Glen Orrell

    I am a virgin….to CM, and I LOVE IT!
    I am now loading it on everyone’s phones but still am unclear if CAPPS will run on CM13…? I have read on XDA that it does not currently support 6.0.1 android…

    Is this correct?

    Keep up the fantastic work!


    any rom for lg h540

  • Mehar Gupta

    its worst i installed it in samsung j7
    networks are not coming .. phone is booting automatically n camera is not working

  • david

    does this have wifi calling for tmobile lg g4 ? I had cyanogenmod 12 and it was really good but no wifi calling : (

  • cdurex

    Awesome! Team Awesome! Running latest snapshot smoothly on my i9195 – serranoltexx! Thanks for the hard work! Keep up the good work!!

  • Randy Baker

    Any word yet concerning implementation of WiFi calling for Tmo? I am one of those which resides in a very low to non coverage area which has become reliant on the feature.
    Thanks in advance.
    PS. I’ve been running 13 for the past two weeks testing for flaws and so far found zero for 100. Gj!

  • nikhil

    is it applicable for zenfone 6 also?

  • Amaan Raza

    guys I have a bricked oneplus one( BUT I CAN BOOT INTO TWRP Recovery) so I cannot access internal storage of my phone.. Can I install the file from my external sd card if not what should I do?? Please help me guys…

  • Andrew McCulloch

    Any support for Samsung galaxy s6 920i?

  • Alex

    I updated my Swift with the provided update – now its defective. When I try to unlock the phone, it does appear to freeze, after which it reboots. Wileyfox support advised to do a factory reset. Any other recommendation?

  • Marijn Vermeulen

    Did you try wiping the cache from TWRP? If that doesn’t work you could always factory reset the phone and restore it from a backup you’ve previously made.

  • Marijn Vermeulen

    This discussion was almost 2 weeks ago, but if it’s of any help, you’ll need the ARM version of the google apps. Good luck!

  • siam

    cm 13 for grouper

  • siam

    Cm13 for nexus 7 grouper

  • siam

    Factory reset from recovery mode

  • Renz Deles

    Hey guys. please teach me the step by step on how to update my phone to latest cyanogenmod which is currently runing on touchwiz. tnx

  • siam

    Is your phone rooted?