Cyanogen Apps Package for Marshmallow

A couple of updates back, we made mention that we were actively testing the Cyanogen Apps package for CM 13.0. Today, we’re glad to announce that the testing has been positive, and all parties involved are ready to move forward with release.

As a reminder, C-Apps is being offered as an optional download and will not be pre-installed on CyanogenMod releases. This package will allow you to take your existing devices running CM 13.0, and make them more like the Cyanogen OS experience. Any CM 13.0 build since May 9th, 2016 and forward is compatible. Notably, this means that users on our last 13.0 Snapshot ZNH0E releases are not yet eligible – but fret not, we’ll resolve this later this month/early next month when we release the next wave of Snapshots.

For download, please visit the Cyanogen Inc. page for Cyanogen apps. For detailed installation/uninstall instructions, please visit our wiki located on the CyanogenMod C-Apps page.


  • All apps updated to M compatibility, including run-time permission checks.
  • Extra logic to avoid permission errors – you DO NOT need to wipe to install, we’ve mitigated this.
  • Non-core functionality apps are now uninstallable!
  • Twitter users: Experience the Lock Screen MOD – ‘Happening on Twitter’, for an even faster way to access what’s trending worldwide.
  • Cortana users: Cortana has enhanced capabilities on CM, including a new Lock Screen MOD capability. (Cortana not pre-bundled in this zip, get it from the Play Store)
  • Cyanogen OS Dialer has been open sourced, and therefore no longer in the package.
  • TrueCaller MOD will now integrate directly into CM’s Dialer, and is uninstallable if you don’t want this service.
  • Skype users: The Skype MOD will allow you to transfer a cellular network call directly to a Skype video call, seamlessly. Skype calls will also show up in your call log, and you can make Skype calls directly from Dialer using search or T9. (Skype not pre-bundled in this zip, get it from the Play Store)
  • OneNote users: Create notes from the new MOD integration directly from the InCallUI screen or Boxer Email client (OneNote not pre-bundled in this zip, get it from the Play Store)
  • Cyanogen Account, ThemeStore, ThemeChooser with per-app themeing, AudioFX and Gallery make their return
  • And more to come in the future!
  • Bouke

    Hello! Could it be that the packages are not compatible with ARM64 ROMs? When I try to install this package I receive no error at all, yet when I start the phone I cannot find any sign of the new apps & features on my One plus 3:(

  • Bhasith

    How can i download CyanogenMod for my Lenovo A6010 Plus ?

  • Sam vishnu

    i’am using cyanogenmod 13.when i change sd into internal storage it says that your sd is ready but when i see it in storage and usb it shows sd card corrupted.Anyone help?

  • JKing Zheng


  • Ahmed Al-Sayed

    Me too ……..doesn’t it work on resurrection remix ??

  • Ahmed Al-Sayed

    Me too ……..doesn’t it work on resurrection remix ???

  • Arcade

    I am unable to install c-apps on my moto g3 running on latest cm13 nightly… what could have been gone wrong…?
    It gives error 7 in twrp while installing.

  • Łukasz Janik

    When cm 13 snaapshot for gt-i9300?

  • Bastian Inuk Christensen

    I did what you did, but some gapps keeps crashing (like audioFX and cyan account) :(

  • Adham Rasheed

    I was waiting for the capps package for the cm13 because of the CM OS dialer and now it is not included why?

  • Purian23

    What Gapps package?

  • Bastian Inuk Christensen

    I found out I had downloadet af snashop from April, so I’m just done with a dirty flash..

    It works!

    If anyone else ask for this exact trouble, go for the build time!

    Now, can I flash vendor.img on my phone??

  • Rodrigo Manoel

    I ‘m also having the same problem.

  • william harrison

    Mount system partition.

  • Sanjar Iskhakov

    cm13 firmware will be released on lenovo s60-a?

  • Orlando Palma

    Mounting System on TWRP defore install does not work in ASUS Z00A. Another choice for install it?

  • Dante Requena

    I flashed c-apps on my oneplus x running cyanogenmod 13 but whenever
    i start up my phone it says dialer has stopped working and i can’t run the theme chooser app… It says to login on my cyanogen account but after a few seconds theme chooser crashes. Also when i go to settings -> accounts, i can’t login to cyanogenmod account. All apps work like audio fx, gallery,.. except theme chooser/store… Is there a fix for this? Thanks!

  • Joel Mathew

    I have installed CM 13 nightly… But now I am unable to use 4G internet data pack… Before installing CM, I was using 4G internet connection in my stock ROM… Now what should I do??

  • Roxana M

    What is this: screen overlay was detected?

  • sal

    His point is that “please do this” has no effect in a community project. The code is open source: test/report/fix, or pay someone to fix it on your device and send the fixes upstream.

    I don’t mean to be harsh, investing energies in the project is positive, actually it’s the expected course of things. The anomaly is users of a given model not moving a finger on
    development for that model. Unless you mean real payment by “donations” (as opposed to pizza-style 10 $ donations), in which case you would probably not be complaining through a blog comment.

    While the yelling mode is unfriendly and arguably ineffective, it expresses clearly that it’s always sad to see this closed-source mindset in an enthusiast user.

  • James Ramsey

    Hello. This is a thank you to whomever is making the ROM for MotoG 1st Generation. I installed CM13 on this old workhorse last night and it is smooth. I am very impressed. Keep up the good work.

  • vishnu s b

    I have updated the samsung galaxy S3 to cm-13.0-20160730-NIGHTLY-i9300, camera is not working can any one help to fix this?

  • vishnu s b

    will there be any CM for Samsung Galaxy S Advance???

  • Srujan Reddy

    I am having error 255 while installing capps on cm13. Can somebody help me with this.

  • فهد غسان مهنا

    Phone Samsung S- 3
    Download the latest version
    I have a problem
    Repeating reboot
    How can override this

  • Ali Hasan

    I want to ask whether you will provide Nougat based ROM for sprout 8?

  • Eins

    hello when I install the gapps gives me error: ERROR: 7 moto g cm root xt1542 2015 07/03/2016

  • Chaitanya Kanteti

    Some one
    Kindly provide the info of next snapshot release date ……
    Previous snapshot build released on april 3rd week,
    Since then their is no snapshot update.and cyanogen apps are not supporting on april 3rd week snapshot builds.
    So i kindly request you to reveal the expected date of next snapshot release .
    Thank you

  • Eins

    Hello someone could get the solution to the problem of error 07

  • Sarang


  • Sudip Roy

    After installing CM13.0 , several times i tryed to install CAPPS. but not working! Really looking forward to have CAPPs ZNH0E update for my moto e (otus).. Thanx for notifying us!

  • Charbel Aoun

    Clean flash

  • Tushar

    Same here on motor g3

  • Abhishek Maurya

    Same here

  • nhsh99

    make mount system

  • Axel SKX

    How to mount system partition ?

  • william harrison

    In TWRP recovery.

  • Saad Alshammari

    The email app (boxer) ask for promo code to activate the exchange email?!

  • Yash Agrawal

    Is it now available for snapshot ZNH5Y?

  • Axel SKX

    Ty i just didn’t know where we can do that in TWRP, now it’s good 😉

  • Sai Ram Deshmukh Mateti

    can i flash c – apps for 12.1 over cm13 snapshot ZNH0E release?

  • anwar k

    expecting Cyanogen SMS. disappointed

  • Portzblitz

    Nope. You edited your comment. The one that’s there now doesn’t even remotely resemble the one i replied to. So dishonest! If you meant those things originally, you should have said them originally.

    Though, it’s never too late to be more gracious, so I’m ultimately glad you edited your comment.

  • Akiva

    Not working on OnePlus 3. It doesn’t error but just doesn’t show up.

  • Akiva

    I wish someone replied to you
    I have the same issue

  • Neeraj Bhardwaj

    I have flashed Capps & Now I have two gallery and Calender. Have I done something wrong?

  • Neeraj Bhardwaj

    Can it be installed using CM Recovery?

  • abhishek

    hi, I want to update my Lenovo zuk z1 pls suggest