Latest updates to CM 12.1

Over the past few weeks, contributions led by Jorge Ruesga (jruesga) and aided by Danny Baumann (maniac103) have added some much needed, and loved, features to CyanogenMod 12.1 nightlies.

Imap push enhancements

One of the most requested  features requested from Google since the ICS days was the implementation of the IMAP IDLE protocol to the stock Email app. The IMAP IDLE protocol (RFC 2177) is an extension to the IMAPv4 specification that allows for receiving email changes (new emails or modification/deletions of the current existing ones) as soon as they happen or are detected by the email server. This is accomplished by maintaining an active connection that allows the server to push notifications about these changes to email clients. Maintaining an idle connection to the server will reduce the overhead of polling the server every ‘n’ minutes, which leads to a better overall battery and networking usage performance.

In recent CM12.1 nightlies the …

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Release extravaganza: CM 11.0 and 12.0 Final

AKA “The Phantom Release”

As we look forward to Android M’s release later this year and continue work to integrate the latest from Android 5.1.1_r5 (released yesterday), we are finalizing the branches of CM11.0 and CM12.0. They have seen improved stability and security fixes over the past few months, but little in the way of further development as the focus shifted to CM12.1.

Tonight, the final snapshot releases of both 11.0 and 12.0 are going live – available in sequence as they are built out by our Jenkins instance.

Why another CM11 build? Rather surprisingly, many users have been slow to upgrade to L – whether due to the lack of a snapshot release or adverse reaction to the Material design, we don’t know. The meager stats that we have show that there is a rather large contingency of users who are sticking to CM11 as their release channel of choice, so we felt compelled …

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Call for response: Dialer Instant Contact Card

We were incredibly pleased with the feedback on the Messaging app redesign – your feedback there is already being incorporated into updated designs and ideas around the app. Today, we’re here going to discuss a relatively smaller change to the Dialer/Contacts card.

In a change from last week, and to more actively centralize this and future feedback, we’ve spun up a mailing list on Google Groups. The list is invite only for spam protection purposes, but is open for all to request access and join. Please provide the requested response when applying to the group. This group will be used for technical and design discussions surrounding CyanogenMod and should not be used as a forum/user-help/device request area – such posts will be deleted and the user removed without further warning. To join the group, apply here.

We’re looking to introduce a new quick contact card to the CyanogenMod Project. The quick contact card …

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Call for response: Messaging Redesign

Thursday, bsxtn gave you an introduction to the Cyanogen Design team. Today, they would like to present their vision for a Messaging app redesign, and want your opinion on the direction.

We want to build a refresh of the Messaging app which will be included in the CyanogenMod project. The Messaging app will handle SMS, MMS, and Group messages, while providing integration to a relaunched WhisperPush Service. Optionally, Cyanogen OS users will be able to use the TrueCaller integration to view caller ID information and block spammers.

Background: In November, we conducted a survey of our users on Google+ and Facebook. Of our CyanogenMod users, 66% reported sending at least one SMS message per day. Moreover, SalesForce via a commissioned study, reported that 90% of users in the US sent at least one SMS message per day. In the same Cyanogen Messaging Survey, 32% of our users reported using either the stock messaging app …

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Thread Throwdown Winner Announcement

After a week of voting and after nearly a thousand votes, we bring to you the winner the Thread Throwdown contest!


The winner is: Greg Willard



Thank all of you for your entries. Keep your inboxes synced and watch for an email. To all contestants including the winner: we will be contacting you soon for some swag! A big thank you to everyone for submitting!

Developer Spotlight: The Cyanogen Design Team

In our second Developer Spotlight, we are introducing members of the Cyanogen design team. We’d like to give the CM community a chance to get to know the creative minds behind Cyanogen. These individuals are excellent resources to the community and should be utilized as such. We asked each of them to write a short introduction. Each individual brings unique experiences and expertise in fields such as mobile, web, gaming, and more. Some team members also have a long-standing history with CyanogenMod, which was ultimately part of the motivating factor in them coming to work full-time on a product they love.


Left to right: Dave Kover, Tyrone Samson, Hayden Schoen, Adrian Valencia Foulk, Asher Simonds, Nick Santos, Aaron James, Brett Pearce


Dave Kover|Product Designer

Hi! I’m Dave. In my role here at Cyanogen, I focus on our Themes product. This position really has 3 key …

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