WhisperPush – End of Life

Many users have noticed that we haven’t enabled WhisperPush capabilities into CM13, though there are patches up that include that updated work and integration into the MMS apks for both 12.1 and CM13.

We’ve ultimately made the decision that we will no longer be supporting WhisperPush functionality directly within CyanogenMod. Further, WhisperPush services will be end-of-lifed beginning Feb 1st 2016. As this is a server side implementation, all branches of CM from CM10.2 and forward will be affected.

We are still very big proponents of the secured messaging protocol, but maintenence of our own implementation saw some hiccups (longstanding registration issues & issues with various countries) which ultimately led to our decision. Our recommendation to users who rely on this functionality is to hop onto the Signal application (details at bottom on this post).

To recap:

A little over two years ago we debuted our joint project to integrate WhisperPush into CyanogenMod.

Late …

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Ready. Set. Translate!

We’re two months into the CM13 Marshmallow work and nearing our feature complete mark in anticipation of a release towards the end of January. As we work towards finishing and stabilizing the multitude of devices in our roster, we’ve now unblocked the other half of our contributor teams – our Translators. These 1600+ individuals are responsible for localizing the software for our features (which we’ll go through on another post) and new regions. This post is for all of you translators.

CrowdIn is now CM13 ready! Michael Bestas (translation lead) has done his due diligence and carried forward as many translations as possible from CM12.1 to reduce the workload for CM13. In total, we count roughly 380 new strings (not including plurals) as a delta from 12.1.

Additionally, we are now making use of CrowdIn’s new version management functionality. The ultimate goal here is to reduce the amount of effort required on the part …

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A Marshmallowy CM

We’ve been pretty quiet publicly on the CM13 (Marshmallow) progress, but we’ve been busy bees behind the scenes. Today, we’ve enabled the first wave of devices to receive CM13 nightlies. Now, before you jump head first into flashing these, please take a moment to read the items below – as they will impact your experience.

If you are on CM 12.1 YOG4P or CM 12.1 YOG7D releases, we recommend you stay on course with the SNAPSHOT release channel and not jump to nightlies unless you are willing to accept a dip in quality. Our stable branches are vetted, CTS run and (in some cases) shipped on retail devices – which means the quality of those branches is far and above that of nightlies. We’d advise these folks to stay on the SNAPSHOT train, and we’ll have a quality approved SNAPSHOT for CM13 sometime Jan. If you are on a 12.1 nightly, you can ‘dirty flash’ CM13 …

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Android Security Bulletin – October 5th update

Google’s monthly security release just hit AOSP code this morning, and as of this post has been merged into CM 12.1 source (Android 5.1.1._r24). Nightlies from today forwards will contain the security fixes identified on the release document.

For our stable release users, we’ll be rolling out an update to the stable CMUpdater channel with this set of fixes this week as well.

-The CyanogenMod Team

PS: Marshmallow source just released, we are syncing and will begin evaluating it. When we have more to share on this, we will publish a separate post.

Expanding the CM device family

Over the past few months, device maintainers new and old have been pushing hard to get support up to par for a wide range of devices. While some flagships (M9/S6/G4, etc) still need more time in the proverbial oven, we’ve seen a large increase in the medium range devices.


Thanks in part to device contributions from Huawei’s team directly, we are now supporting the Honor 4 & 4x (cherry), Ascend Mate 2 (mt2) and Snapto (g620_a2). These devices represent the first set of Huawei devices we’ve supported since CM 7(!) and it’s nice to see the company supporting the community ahead of the rumored Huawei Nexus. We’re expecting good things to come here.


Moto continues to make headway with their budget line – and we’ve now enabled support for both the Moto E (otus) and G (osprey) 2015 variants.


This Chinese OEM has been making waves in Asia. That wave has reached …

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Releases, Releases, Releases – August 2015

Tapping into my inner Balmer with the post title

We’re queuing up releases across three branches this evening, releasing into the wild CM 11.0-security, 12.0-security and our very first 12.1 release. As always, these releases are being marked as ‘known good’ by their maintainer, and signed-off individually. This means that not every CM device will receive a release – only those marked as ‘Good to go’ by the maintainer.

The 11.0 and 12.0 builds are security releases built on top of the last CM11/12.0 releases, modified to include the recent security disclosures, including the vulnerabilities in Stagefright. Users of the previous 11/12.0 release builds are encouraged to update. Users of 11.0/12.0 weeklies (nightlies) will see no net change, and need not update.

The CM12.1 release marks our first Android 5.1.1 release which brings our IMAP idle support, SDK v1 release and the security fixes mentioned previously.

If you are updating to any of these builds, please pay close …

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